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Various of Non woven Wipes in Hangzhou Non wovens Ltd

Various of Non woven Wipes in Hangzhou Non wovens Ltd

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Hangzhou Non wovens have been covered almost all kinds of non woven wiping cloths, we can supply any kinds of wiping cloths for our customer needs.


1) Needle Punched Non woven cloths

It is a very popular cleaning cloths in Europe, also called "Gemany cloths".

The most  famous brand for this cloths is called "Shamwoo", very good absorbent for widely used.

The popular size is 40*38 or 38*34cm. The weight is usually in 90gsm,120gsm,140gsm and 230gsm.

To check our needle punching Wipes in


2)Chemical Bonded Non woven wipes

The type of wiping material is most popular in UK market.

Diamond pattern is the customer like best. Also availble in other patterns.

The low weight cloth is very economic to daily wiping jobs.


3)Spunlaced Non woven Cloths

The most hot sell in our products Range.

The wave line pattern wiping cloths and apertured colored code wiping cloths are the most used in cleaning industry.

We aslo called the Wave line spunlace cloths as "J cloth", "Lavette J cloth" etc..

The weight of cloths can be 28~120gsm. And we have been exported it to all over the world.


4)Wood pulp Nonwoven wipes

This is a new product and we developed in this year.

The similiar woodpulp spunlace is copy from Sontara.

It is widely used in industrial wipes in USA and others.

The best advantage for this cloths is no Linting(Lint-free wipes).


5)100% Meltblown Polypropylene Wipes

Solvent wiping cloths

It is a nice look wipes and oil absorbent.

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Nowadays, Hangzhou Non wovens Limited is not only providing the dry wiping cloths, but also produce the wet wipes.