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Industrial wipes & Disposable Industrial wipes

Industrial wipes & Disposable Industrial wipes

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Industrial wipes/disposable Industrial wipes

Nowadays, industrial wipers is used more and more wide, such as wiping the seriously contaminated equipments and parts, cleanroom wiping, etc

The most popular company produces this industrial wipes is Dupont. Their wiping cloths like paper and very welcome by the customers and end users.

Hangzhou Nonwoven also take attend into this market and develop the woodpulp spunlace with very good quality to compare with Dupont.

1) Wood pulp & Polyester 

width:2100mm  weight:45-80gsm

Plain, apertured & Embossed

The most popular used as industrial wipes, can be made by folded wipes and Industrial wiping rolls.

2) Wood pulp & PP

width:2100mm weight:60-110gsm

plain, apertured & Embossed

It is an economic wiping material compare with woodpulp/Pet cloths.

3) Wood pulp & Polyester

It is our new J cloth pattern which is more absorbent and smooth structure.

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