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What Kind of Spunlace can you produce?

What Kind of Spunlace can you produce?

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What Kind of Spunlace can you produce?

As a continuous improved company,  Hangzhou Non wovens Limited is able to produce most of spunlace to match with customer requirement.

Now we have three spunlace productive lines, the spunlace we can produced as below:

1)White Spunlace

The white spunlace fabric could be plain or apertured, widely used for wet wipes, dry wipes or some other usage such as cosmetics goods.

Also we have developed many kinds of new embossing spunlace fabric:

Double J Embossing

Animal embossed

Rose follower embossing

Big / Small Dot embossed

Big / Small Diamond Embossing Etc..

2)Printing Spunlace

Hangzhou Non wovens Limited is one of the best manufacturer who can produce the colored spunlace.

It can be printing spunlace, many patterns such as wave line, diamond, follow, etc..

And the solid color spunlace fabrc. All these spunlace is very good for cleaning cloths production.

3) Woodpulp Spunlace

We offer woodpulp/polyester, woodpulp/pp spunlace.

Both in white and colored, plain and embossing.


We can also produce some special spunlace fabric, for example, to add some agent, anti-bacterial agent, fire resistance, absorbent agent, etc.


What ever you looked for any spunlace, please feel free to contact us, we should give you a best solutuions.