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The Development of Hangzhou Non wovens

The Development of Hangzhou Non wovens

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With the supports of our customers and all the hznonwoven people's effort, the company was growing year by year, and we are aim to be one of the biggest spunlace non woven fabric in China.

Since the first spunlace lines started in 2011, now we have 3 advinced spunlace lines with output 8000,000 kilos per year.

Our spunlace nonwoven fabric covers more than 90% kinds of the spunlace:

1) Color: any colors can be customered request to dye, we even produce colored spunlace with colored fiber;

2) Mesh: EF mesh, 8 mesh, 10 mesh, 13 mesh, 15 mesh, 18 mesh, 20mesh, 22 mesh and 24 mesh. We covered nearly all the mesh size as you need;

3) Embossing: we had more than 9 embossing patterns, you can contact us for photos and more information;

The 3 machines with different cutting width,we can meet with your different requirement.


The converting workshop is now very import for us, and we are focus on the consumer market for the cleaning market.

We can supply all kinds of non woven cloths as you need with 17 sets of converting machines.

We are still in growing, in studying, and we work customers like friend. We welcome to your visiting.