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New!!! Tencel Spunlace Non woven Fabric

New!!! Tencel Spunlace Non woven Fabric

2015-04-03 14:09:25 HITS:591

Hangzhou Non wovens Limited is always produce something new to make our customers new requirement and interesting. In the early of this year, we have customers who are interested in the 100% tencel spunlace non woven fabric for their new facial mask production. 

After the fabric produced, the tencel spunlace fabric is very sucessful for customer's face mask. The fabric is very soft and breathable.

Since the tencel is a cellulose fiber, using solvent spinning technology, dry strength is slightly lower than polyester, but significantly higher than the viscose fiber, and also it is much better than viscose in wet. With a very high rigidity, dimensional stability and good (shrinkage rate is only 2%), moisture absorption is higher.
In short: 1.warm and soft as cotton 2 high tenacity as polyester 3 it keeps hot as wool.
During to this best tencel fiber, we can make the good quality tencel spunlace fabric, it is now not only used for face mask but also wet wipes, etc.
It is welcome to source samples from us.