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Spunlace - to find the new chance

Spunlace - to find the new chance

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Spunlace market continues to grow in 2015. In recent years, investment in North America is very limited, there are mainly two projects underway. Spuntech in May announced that its plant will start production in the United States, Jacob Holm in October to begin its expansion in North Carolina Candler plant. These two projects will meet in North America and wipes markets worldwide as well as some new demand for spunlace nonwoven fabric. According to industry estimates, global spunlace market is growing at 4-6.5%, this is not only due to the field's core market - wipes, also benefited from hygiene products and some industrial fabrics market promote new applications. Although in recent years with many market segments has matured, but many companies are still showing some gains in many areas, of course, the erosion of profit margins, and other macroeconomic factors in this area has caused some negative influences. This has led to major companies increasingly seek to focus on new markets spunlace, they not only have to face challenges from other spunlace manufacturers, but also face other technology to produce nonwoven challenge. Spunlace has obvious advantages, including water absorption, soft and appearance, but also with various raw materials for very good cooperation, these benefits make it in many markets are extremely competitive. "Global spunlace market is still growing, very attractive," Carolin Weber Sandler hygiene and wipes business sales director, said, "spunlace have various features can greatly satisfy various end-product applications requirements. " We, Hangzhou Non wovens Ltd also recoginize the condition and we always deverlop new products to meet the market requirement, we will not lose in the non woven industry.